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Bakelite Native Couple Pin Set

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Native man and woman resin washed bakelite set. Jointed, articulated, and unusual rare pair. The pair each have an olive green head, and maroon over butterscotch body. The only clue to the resin wash is his belly button carving. The facial features are painted. The man has an old repair to his right leg, which we decided to leave as found. It's such an old repair that it adds to the interest and drama of this set.
The native lady is even more interesting. From her wire "hair", to her coiled wire clothing, she's an original!
We have had several vintage bakelite experts examine this set, and all have agreed that this is an extremely rare set.
The pair passed the "rub and smell" test. However, please note that resin washed bakelite will not test with simichrome, because technically, the bakelite has been "painted".
Guaranteed to be vintage bakelite. We even have the old little box the set were found in (unmarked, but charming), which we will include, of course. Politically incorrect, which allows insight into another era. Circa 1940s.

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