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Ernest Borel Cocktail Watches

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**Please note that we do not do repairs, nor do we have replacement bands for Borel Watches.  Any watch repair person can work on these, as they are standard 17 jewel movements.

We encountered our first Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch several years ago and were immediately mesmerized by its rotating mystery dial. It was a ladies model, black with the original band.  We soon became obsessed with them and have gathered a few together to offer for sale.  With so many variables, such as color, crystal (some diamond cut, some plain) and the hypnotic discs (some have one, some have 2), and the different varieties of the disc designs (flower, star, sun, atom, etc), we have seldom encountered 2 identical watches.  In addition, we have found "The Cocktail" in automatic men's, watch rings and pendants.
Most are skeleton see-through backs which reveal a 17 jewel Swiss movement. Details will be noted for each watch. 
Please note that all watche cases & crystals are in very good condition, exceptions will be noted on the individual descriptions.   If we aquire a Borel with the original band, we keep it on, even if the condition isn't the best.

About the Cocktail Watch.  We have been told that these watches were never sold in the US, but most were purchased on cruise ships and holidays- sort of a high end souvenir of it's day.  We found reference to the watches in "The Virgin Islands Daily News" July 1958.  It was a listing for a shop called Little Switzerland. "Look for the Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch, an amazing 17 jewel timepiece. Its face is a constantly changing kaleidoscope of flower like patterns. Prices start at $33."   

*We found an old brochure which listed stores where Borel Cocktail  Watches were sold:
US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas; St. Croix; St. Martin; St Bartholomew)
Singapore, Tinidad, Johannesburg, Santa Domingo, Aruba, St. Maarten, Port-A-Prince, Hong Kong, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Paris, Calcutta, Madrid, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro ,Antwerp, Nassau, St. Johns, Gibralter.


All watches are currently running and will be double checked before shipping. Also, we are happy to provide more detailed photos, including bands and backs upon request.

Newest added watches are at the top of the list.

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