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Industrial Jewelry

These pieces were strongly influenced by the German Bauhaus movement of the early 20th Century. This movement emphasized a balance of aesthetics, technical merit, and utility (function over form). Architecture was celebrated as an art form, through a representation of strong geometric (and sometimes articulated) design. We think it was brilliant to include jewelry in this expression of style. Sadly, many were paper-tagged at the time, or unmarked. We must let each piece speak for itself - perhaps one is speaking directly to YOU.

Many of the designs are attributed to the Jakob Bengel Company of Germany, in the 1930s. A talented and creative machinist,Fredrick Jakob Bengel started his watch-fob company in 1873. Although Jakob died in 1921, his family maintained the success. The company evolved into the design and manufacturing of this stunning jewelry. They were a wholesaler, and the various pieces were distributed throughout Germany, France, UK, and possibly the USA.

Some  pieces, which were made for export, may have a "made in Germany" jump ring on the clasp, but many do not. Also it is possible to find some jump rings which say "France".  These may have private labeled by The Jacob Bengel Company for certain distributors or stores.

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