Modernist Jewelry Signed
Designer and Studio Jewelry from the Mid Century

These pieces are listed in alphabetical order by designer.

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Richard Bitterman Necklace, Pendant, Buckle

No Price

Frances Holmes Boothby Sterling Bird Pin


Betty Cooke Sterling Modernist Pin


Leonore Doskow Modernsist Scale / Pendant 1965


Rachel Gera Sterling & 14K Gold David's Harp Pin


Alfred Karram Modernist Sterling Dimensional Pendant


Sam Kramer Cufflinks


Ed Levin Early Sterling 14K Necklace


Early Ed Levin Anodized Sterling Pin + Earrings


Ed Levin Early Sterling Pin Book Piece


Ed Levin Necklace


Esther Lewittes Sterling Pin


Esther Lewittes Sterling Bracelet


Paul Lobel Vintage Sterling Modernist Necklace

No Price

Paul Lobel Whale Pins Set of 2


Paul Lobel Sterling Modernist Leaf Brooch


Paul Lobel 14k Gold Watch


Paul Lobel Tie Bar


Paul Lobel Sterling Apple Pin


Modernist Paul Miller Pendant


Seigenthaler Unusual Sculpture Brooch Cyclops signed 1997


Seigenthaler Unusual Sculpture Brooch Fierce Red Dragon signed 1997


Henry Steig 14k Gold Pendant Brooch


Henry Steig Dramatic Sterling Cuff Bracelet


Henry Steig Boomerang + Pearl Brooch


Bill Tendler LA Pin Sterling


Bill Tendler Snail Pin


Paul Voltaire Modernist Organic Bracelet


Ed Wiener Sterling and Amethyst Ring


Ed Wiener Sterling Tie Bar


SOLD Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co Flying Saucer Bangle.

No Price

SOLD Eve Kaplin Kinetic Earrings. Movable Enamel.

No Price

SOLD Reversible Necklace by Eve Kaplin Design. Late 1980s. Memphis, Kinetic Design.

Ed Levin Ebony Sterling Tie Bar SOLD

No Price

Ed Levin Handmade Mushroom Pin SOLD

No Price

Idella La Vista Modernist Sterling Cuff SOLD

No Price

Paul Lobel Large Sterling Bird Pin / Brooch SOLD

No Price

Important Ed Wiener Heavy 18K Gold Bracelet-SOLD

No Price

Ed Levin Bronze Collar SOLD


Ed Levin Star Pin with Pearl SOLD

No Price

ORB Modernist Space Age Sterling Pin SOLD

No Price

SOLD Betty Cooke 14k Gold Modernist Pin

No Price

SOLD Eve Kaplin Double Sided Enamel Aluminum Necklace. 1980s.


SOLD Eve Kaplin Playful Necklace. 1980s. Teal, Red & Yellow. Kinetic Art.


Eve Kaplin / Mary Shields Kinetic Necklace 1980s SOLD

No Price

SOLD Enid Kaplan Anodized Niobium Necklace + Earrings


A+H Mackie Sterling Necklace SOLD

No Price

SOLD Eve Kaplin Post Modern 1980s Earrings.

No Price

SOLD Idella La Vista Sterling Cat Brooch

No Price

SOLD Ed Wiener Black Pearl & Gold Neckpiece

No Price

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