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Bakelite Bracelets > Green Bakelite Clamper Bracelet with Clip.
Green Bakelite Clamper Bracelet with Clip.

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Bright Green Swirled Bakelite and Wood Clamper Bracelet with Matching Clip.

Circa 1940s / World War II / USA

Once metals became scarce during the dark days of WWII, manufacturers had to turn to other creative materials for inspiration.  This is a delightful bakelite clamper bracelet, with carved wood, and a carved piece of bakelite sandwiched together to create a fun piece of jewelry.

These rarely survive in this condition, due to the jutting pieces of carved wood.  Normally you find them broken or chipped.  This one is in excellent condition, as is the matching clip.
This was probably never even worn, or worn very seldom, due to the condition.
Please note that the wood stack on both pieces was glued, it was not bolted in.  I believe this is due to the thickness of the pieces.  Drilling might have caused cracks.

This is a special piece for your bakelite collection.

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