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Richard Bitterman Necklace, Pendant, Buckle

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Richard Bitterman vintage unique jewelry. Mr. Bitterman, of Chicago, is still creating beautiful jewelry from  copper, brass & steel.  You can check out his work at RichardBitterman.com. However, the current designs are much more refined than his early, raw pieces.  These pieces were sold at very high end stores such as Neiman Marcus. One half of Decotini.com (Ron), remembers buying an ornate belt buckle at Giorgio's of Beverly Hills in the early 1970s. Sorry, that one remains in our private collection. 

Wearing this jewelry is always an attention getting maneuver.  We had these pieces in our showcase at the Chicago Modernism Show, and I can't tell you how many people stopped to ask "Are those Richard Bitterman?"

All pieces are fully marked with his unique signature.
All pieces are circa early 1970s

Large Necklace  $345
Outrageous necklace crafted from brass, steel and iron.  This design is clever, as the hook end is somewhat articulated, please see photo for explaination.
Weight: approx. 5.5 ounces
Measurements: 5" long (pendant part),  neck ring 6" diameter.  

Pendant SOLD
Outrageous pendant crafted from brass, steel and iron.  The neck ring is not original to the piece, but we will happily include it. 
Weight: approx. 3 ounces
Measurements: 3" long.


Richard Bitterman Buckle / Slide   $185.00
Can be used as a belt buckle, or a scarf slide.  Unique brass, steel and iron construction.
Measures 3" x 4"
Weight: approx. 3 ounces.



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