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Georg Jensen Denmark > Large Dove w/blue stones Georg Jensen Pin #70
Large Dove w/blue stones Georg Jensen Pin #70

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Georg Jensen Vintage Brooch. Sterling Silver & Labradorite Dove Design #70. Earliest Jensen Maker's Mark Circa 1930. Denmark. Book Piece.
 The dove is an iconic element of Georg Jensen Jewelry.
This stunning pin is dramatic in several ways. First is its size.  This is the larger size (60cm) of the more commonly found brooch #123 (47cm).  This pin also features 5 stones of exotic labradorite. 

Marks: Sterling, Denmark, 70,  Georg Jensen early mark
2.25" diameter.
Trombone Closure

Breaking down the Maker's Mark.
The stylized J was the very first Jensen maker's mark (1904-08).
The smithy did continue to use that mark until the 1940s on smaller pieces, however.
The early Jensen pieces were 850 silver, until 1927 when Sterling was used.
With this pin, we have the earliest mark, but in sterling, so the pin therefore dates to 1927-1940s.
The used of the trombone clasp would indicate the earlier years.

Designer:  Kristian MØhl-Hansen for Georg Jensen
CONDITION: Very good antique. Tarnish / expected wear.
Note: upon close inspection with 10x loupe, some stones exhibit some internal crazing/cracks.
However, no chips or breaks are noted.
NOTED: the piece was stamped with maker's mark, causing a slight dent (common for this era, you see it in other Jensen brooches).

On page 59 of the book: Georg Jensen Jewelry Gallery Guide by Dr. David Taylor.

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