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SOLD Fantastic Bakelite Catalin Wedge Bookends

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A beautiful pair of geen and yellow marbelized bookends. The condition is very good.  In addition to bookends, these could be used as display ramps, as the design is a sharp wedge shape. The bakelite is in very good shape, with some expected surface wear, but no crazing. The colors are gorgeous - bold greens and yellow.  Five and a half pounds of pure bakelite!

Be sure to enlarge the photo at the top of the Bakelite Items page to see these bookends grouped with some of our other green bakelite items.

More detais
At one time, these  each would have had a  protective cork bottom liner, but they have been cleanly removed.  Please see the photo of the bottom ends, as you will see that one retains it's original thin bakelite shell, which has a hole carved; and one does not have that, and is wedge shaped on the bottom.  The peice with the hole is actually a very thin slice of bakelite which was glued or laminated to the bottom, probably to add more surface in which to adhere the cork bottom.  There are also some rough carve marks along the bottom (see photos),  again, this would have been hidden by the bottom protective cork.

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Update! We have adjusted our price due to a small chip on one of the edges.

Age: Circa 1930s
Size: wedge - 3.5" x 5.5" x 6.5"  and 6.5" tall
Weight: 2.75 pounds each.  



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