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Martha Sleeper Globe / School Necklace

Price: $1,900.00

An iconic Martha Sleeper school themed bakelite and celluloid necklace.  This is the stuff of which bakelite fantasies are made! 

The center piece is a rich yellow and green mottled bakelite (tested) globe - with hand painted "continents" and carved longitude and latitude lines. This measures about 1.5" around.
There are 2 pencils, one green, one yellow, which do not test for bakelite - I believe they are celluloid as I was able to get a whiff of camphor from them.  The pencil details are carved and painted on. These measure approx. 3" long.

There are 2 text books, both of which test positive for bakelite.  The brown book is approx. 1" x 3/4".  The red book is about 1" x 1".  Both books have carved details  such as "pages" and spines. 

The red lunch box tests positive for bakelite.  It is 1" by 1" and 3/4" thick.  The front and back are red bakelite, and the center is laminated yellow. The words LUNCH BOX are hand painted on. The little celluloid handle was attached by drilling 2 holes into the yellow part.  You can see from the close up that the eyelet screw does have some rusting, however it is very securely attached.  Very Charming!
The final piece is not bakelite, we are unsure what type of plastic it is.  It is an apple, perhaps a golden delicious.  It is yellow with red areas, with a celluloid green stem and a  leaf attached. It has cute carved detailing on the bottom end.

17" long plastic / celluloid red link chain with large chrome clasp.  The links are thick and sturdy.

We have supplied many close up photos, but would be happy to provide more upon request.

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