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Purses > Gorgeous Olive Beaded Bag 1940s
Gorgeous Olive Beaded Bag 1940s

Price: $225.00

This stunning bag is very special.  The condition is close to mint - the beading is exquisite.  There is no label, however it is top notch and probably  was made in France  or Belgium in the 1940s.

The color is very unusual.  It is a gorgeous olive green.  The beads also have a slightly iridescent glow, which made the photographing difficult.  The bugle beads form a flower pattern. Three flowers on the front and one on the back. 
The size is also unusual in that  it's larger than most of these types of bags.  It is 10 inches wide and 8 inches long.  The generous handle adds another 6 inches to the length.  There are 2 beautiful rhinestones on the clasp.  This bag weighs 14 ounces, almost a full pound of purse.

The lining is a rich olive green color in thick satin or acetate.  There is an inner pocket.  No tears or smells.  It looks like it was never used. I have kept it packed away in tissue since I acquired it.  I take it out only to show it to appreciative friends.  Like most of our items,  I have never had it at a show or at the store. 

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this is it!

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