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Curiosities > Sold Groovy Vintage McDonald's Uniform Smock Shirt 1970s
Sold Groovy Vintage McDonald's Uniform Smock Shirt 1970s

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Here is an amazing find from America's favorite fast food empire!

Circa 1973, this 100% cotton (medium to heavy weight fabric) smock or uniform shirt is in excellent condition. In fact, I thought it had never been worn, but the inside shows that it has been laundered.  The seam ends were not finished, so there is some unraveling on the inside seams.  It does not affect the outside aesthetics in the least. 
There are no stains or oil spots on this, it is remarkably clean for it's age.  The main color is white, and it is pretty bright.  There might be some shadowing in the photos.
The only issue I can see - other than the inside fraying mentioned above - is that where the buttons are, there is a small snag-like area to the side of each button hole.   There is a button hole at the top, but no button.  It does not appear that there ever was one sewn on, there are no needle marks.

I believe this to be a woman's smock, as there are darts in the front.

It appears to have been nicely starched and pressed and packed away for 30 some odd years.

Wowza, I do not remember a time when Ronald McDonald had hot pink hair!  The groovy graphics feature day-glo flowers strewn about the Big Macs, Fries, fried Apple Pies, and Shakes.  It truly is a piece of Americana history.

According to the unusual  Ronald McDonald Original Label, this is a size Large.

44" Chest
19" long Sleeves
26" long in Length

I have taken lots of  Photos for your inspection.  Please contact me if you would like more info.
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