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Metal Objects > Pair of California Cloisonne Large Copper Fish Wall Art 1958
Pair of California Cloisonne Large Copper Fish Wall Art 1958

Price: $225.00

I love Matisse Copper Jewelry from the 1950s, so at first I thought I had found the largest Matisse Brooches ever made!These fish are stunning and whimsical.  The colors and look are just lovely, in that 1950s point of view. To find a pair still together is quite an unusual find.

The quality is very similar, but this is jewelry for your wall space.  Super mid-century pair of glass enamel on copper fish made by "California Cloisonne  1958 Hand Decorated Enamel on Copper by Landau and Associates Los Angeles".  The label is intact and gives us this information.

The condition is very good vintage.  See photo for details.  There are a few spots where the enamel as broken away. The overall visual effect is so awesome that the flaws are not easily noted. 
To hang on the wall, the top fin is rolled to the back, with a hole drilled.  On one of the fish, there is enamel loss at the roll.
I will be more than happy to supply more photos upon request.

I do not believe this company was in business for very long.  I was able to find 2 advertisements in the Los Angeles Times in 1960.  Other than that, I could come up with no further information.  There are ash trays and bowls from this company out there, this is the largest item I have come across.  A unique treasure from the mid century.

Each fish measures approx. 19" across.