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Cigarette Cases > Plique-À-Jour Glass Enamel Austrian 935 Silver Cigarette Case
Plique-À-Jour Glass Enamel Austrian 935 Silver Cigarette Case

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Plique-À-Jour*  Glass Enamel Austrian 935 Silver Cigarette Case. Ornate geometric pattern in blue, red, and  green glass enamel.

Heavily chased back with botanical motif.

Circa 1920.
Maker: "LW", unknown Austrian Maker
Marked: MADE IN AUSTRIA LW 935 (Marked on cigarette arm and also on the inside of the case itself.
93 grams
Measures 3" by 2.5" by .5"
As found patina.

Condition:  Very good vintage.  The viscous glass enamel has crazing in spots. A few of the spots look like "crushed ice".  See photos for best understanding.  The condition issues are visible only with a 10x loupe.  The areas are not visible with normal range viewing.  

We are happy to send more photos upon request.

Thank you to Encyclopedia Britannica:
,  (French: “open to light”), in the decorative arts, technique producing translucent enamels held in an open framework made by soldering individual wires or delicate metal strips to each other, rather than to a supporting surface as in cloisonné. The unattached support, usually a sheet of metal or mica, can be easily removed after the enamels have been annealed and cooled, producing an effect not unlike a stained-glass window in miniature. Developed in France and Italy in the 14th century, this technique has been used largely for making vessels, jewelry, and, in Russia, demitasse spoons.

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