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Fine Jewelry > SOLD Dramatic 18k Gold, Sterling & Azurite Bracelet by M. Law (Margaret Barnaby)
SOLD Dramatic 18k Gold, Sterling & Azurite Bracelet by M. Law (Margaret Barnaby)

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This is a circa late 1970s bracelet by renouned artist Margaret Barnaby.  Her early work was signed "M. Law".

Her one of a kind work has been offered through the Aaron Faber Gallery on Fifth Avenue in New York for many years.

This bracelet is fabulous.  A large grasshopper sporting 18 karat gold wings & legs. The wings are delicately carved with zigzags.  The body is constructed of a gorgeous vivid purple drusy azurite. There is a striation of malachite along the lower body, which provides a hint of green overtone, mother nature at her loveliest.  The cuff bracelet is elaborately detailed and hand worked sterling silver.

It is signed M. Law in the inside, along with a serial number 92105, and 18K, and Sterling.
This will fit a medium to large wrist. It is substansial, and more of a sculptural art piece rather than jewelry. Although of course you may wear it.

Not for the meek or shy, this bracelet carries a strong statement, and it is uniquely beautiful.
Stand out from the crowd.
Palm Beach Estate.

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