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Fred Davis Mexico City Vintage Silver > SOLD Fred Davis Sterling Boxes. Sold Individually.
SOLD Fred Davis Sterling Boxes. Sold Individually.

Price: $575.00
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These boxes have SOLD OUT. Thank you.

The design is simple, clean, and minimalist.
These are larger than the small pillboxes typically found.  We purchased one of these many years ago from a great grand-niece of Mr. Davis.  She was kind enough to include a note, written on Fred Davis' very own letterhead.  She mentioned that Fred would use these little boxes as dinner party favors.  How splendid that must have been!

The larger of the boxes measures:
3.5" by 3 1/8" by 1.5" deep
Weight: 135 grams

The smaller one measures:
3 1/8" by 2.5" by 1" deep.
Weight: 106.6 grams

The hinges are different. 
The larger box has a standard type hinge.
Photo #5 below.

 The smaller box has a more elaborate and artistic hinge.  It does require a slight adjustment when closing the lid (in other words, the lid has become just a tiny bit out of alignment over the years). Photo #4 below.

As found patina.  No noted dents.  The back side of the larger one is a bit concave.

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