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Spratling Regatta Trophy

Price: $700.00
Availability: in stock

This was a great find from a California estate, a pair of commemorative Spratling ashtrays from 1955. The price is $700 EACH (we have 2 available).

Material: Rosewood / sterling.

Reference: Shown on page 93 of Spratling Silver, A Field Guide. This item is from Spratling's 3rd design period. It was produced from 1951 thru 1967. The earlier pieces were done in rosewood, later pieces were done in ebony. Price in the 1967 Spratling catalog was $8.80.

Emblem says "Regata De Equipo 1955 USA Mexico Acapulco"
We believe this was a trophy award.

Hallmark information: Only one hallmark is at the bottom of each ashtray. In other words, there is no eagle mark or any other marks sometimes referred to as "secondary" or "tertiary" marks. It appears to be the "WS script square". We have seen this type of mark used on items with wood, including wood and silver jewelry.

We have not seen this item before with the extra silver disc on the front. We believe they were commissioned directly from Spratling Silver with the engraving perhaps added after market.

The hallmarks on both pieces appears to have been double struck, so they are not sharp. The hallmarks are slightly different, so the first buyer will get a choice as to hallmark #1 or #2.


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