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Hubert Harmon > Hubert Harmon Poodlemania Plates by Atlas NY 6 designs, your choice.
Hubert Harmon Poodlemania Plates by Atlas NY 6 designs, your choice.

Price: $300.00

The ultimate treasure for the uber Herbert Harmon Collector! 

Plates sold individually, buyer's choice of design, of course.

Here are 6 of the illusive Poodlemania Plates made in the early 1950s by Atlas China Company of NY., based on Hubert Harmon's Poodle drawings.  These slightly deranged Poodles have taken on human form and entertainment. 
Each plate tells and individual Poodle Tale:
Poodle Can Can dancers and piano player entertain while other poodles drink a toast.
A Poodle Opera or Play takes place while snooty Poodle watch from their high seats.
Two Poodles drink themselves silly while a racy poodle painting hangs overhead.
French Poodle Cafe, two lovers at a Parisian Rendezvous.
Drunken Poodle, with drunken rat in background.  Lots of empty bottles.
Sexy French Poodle in her boudoir.
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It is widely accepted that  Harmon had an unusual  sense of humor. His similar  naughty human-donkey murals at a local Taxco bar were legendary.

These six plates are a rare find, especially in this condition.  The condition is as close to perfect as one can get.  I see no flaws, chips or crazing on any of them.  They have been loved,  stored and protected.

The backs are fully marked: "Poodlemania" Designed by Hubert Harmon Product of Atlas China Co. New York.
Drawings each have a signature "Hubert Harmon".
Plates measure approx. 4" in diameter.
The plate backs have holes for hanging.

A photo can be seen on page  31 of William Spratling and the Mexican Silver Renaissance: Maestros de Plata
by Penny C. Morrill. Click here for that photo

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