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Hubert Harmon

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Mr and Mrs. Hubert Harmon 1940There is so little known about Hubert Harmon, that I decided to do some digging, much in the same way I do my genealogical research. It paid off, as I discovered a  grainy newspaper photograph of Hubert and Louise Harmon, taken just 5 days after their wedding.  I also pieced together the following information:

BIO: Hubert Pickering Harmon, Jr. was born around 1910 and  enjoyed a privileged childhood in Highland Park, Illinois.  His father, Hubert Harmon, Sr., was the president of a Chicago Coal Company. His great Uncle (Hubert Pickering)  was a student of Homer Winslow.

Prior to his marriage in 1940, he lived abroad, designing fashions in Paris and London. His design work then took him to New York.

He was married Jan 2, 1940 in Greenwich, Ct. to a woman named Mrs. Louise (de Mocher) Frazier. They resided at 51 E 51st in NYC.

I found a couple of 1951 Chicago Newspaper gossip columns, which give us some clues as to his whereabouts and activities.  These little tidbits of news give us a clue as to the possible date of his Poodlemania Atlas plates and glasses.

  • April of 1951
    [currently living on the French Riviera] A leather belt designed by Hubert Harmon popped up among highly touted accessories in the current issue of a fashion magazine, indicating he is continuing the work he and Mrs. Harmon started when they lived in Mexico and designed silver and leather goods.

  • December of 1951
    Hubert Harmon will have an exhibit of poodle paintings in a NYC gallery soon.  When previously heard from, Mr. Harmon and his wife were living in Mexico and designing in silver, then living on the French Riviera.


Hubert Harmon items are rare, as he was in Taxco for a few short years during the early 1940s. Unlike his fellow American jewelry artists in Taxco at the time (Spratling and Margot) , his aesthetic was one of whimsy, not one heavily influenced by the Mexican culture.

We have included Maya pieces which pay homage to Hubert Harmon designs. Not much is known about Maya at this time.

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